my travels around the world

OK… Let’s try this again (Summer 2018)

So I had this blog on a trip… and I kept it for a while. Then I stopped. I have published daily photos on Instagram for most of my recent trips, but I would like to try to write here occasionally. It may not happen… but it also may. I’ll keep posting pictures on instagram, but I’ll try to get some on here as well and maybe occasional write something rambling (and generally with far more ellipses than good style dictates.)

To start:

I am sitting at 4:50am local time in Keflávik Airport just outside Reykjavik. I am on my way to Tbilisi, Georgia with a two+ day layover in London. I’ll spend just under two weeks in Georgia and then I will hop over to Thessaloniki, Greece and head north into the former Yugoslav republics. I’ll come home at some point from somewhere… but that hasn’t been figured out yet.

Over and out for now. Hopefully everything will go according to plan and I’ll post here semi regularly… we’ll see.



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