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Rwandan Genocide Memorials

One of the most difficult and powerful parts of my trip was visits to a number of genocide memorials in the area of Kilagi.

The rest of this post is after the page break. There are some graphic images and descriptions. If you don't care to read them, this serves as your warning.

Mass graves at the Kigali Memorial Centre, the main museum and memorial in the country.
A partial list of names of the victims. A full list will probably never be compiled because entire families were killed and there is no one left to speak their names.
I think the most powerful section of the memorial centre was a room of home photographs of the victims, clothespinned on wires around the room. Survivors had brought often their final image of their loved ones to share and help keep the memories alive.




Many of the memorials are in old churches, because Tutsi refugees would gather in the sanctuaries, hoping that they would be safe in the house of God. But churches ended up being the places of some of the worst sites of mass killing during the genocide. The images from above and below are from two churches outside of Kigali.






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