my travels around the world

Travel Motto #3: Why Not?

This may be a tangential motto to my whatever motto.

I am sort of struggling to clearly articulate this idea. It has a sense of the openness of whatever, but also adds a bit more. The implied “because I can” is there as a part of this. But unless I can come up with a good reason not to do something… Safety, sickness, and a somewhat crippling fear of heights would be the three that most commonly hold me back.

If there is no reason not to do something, then I generally think it is a good reason to do it. Do I do everything I could possibly do? Nope. But I think that it is good to try some of those things. Do as much as you can. Maybe it will fail royally… But in failure there is a lot to be learned and a lot of fun to be had. And often another opportunity comes along. I recently read a quotation from Helen Keller that said something along the lines of “when one door closes, another door opens, we just have to stop looking at the closed door to see the newly opened one.” Just as Keller reminds us to move forward, saying “why not” allows me to keep my options open and see all sorts of new things that I would never see if I followed a complete pre-planned itinerary.

There is a place for itineraries. But the freedom of two plane tickets and nothing in the middle excited me more.

I love getting lost. “Why not see what happens if I turn left here?” “Why not try to get to the place over there by foot?” When you don't know where you are, you can let go of being elsewhere and be there in the moment. But the “why not” allows to you relax and be where you are rather than worry about where you aren't. Sure I missed some things by being lost. I saw almost nothing in Saigon and I missed the royal complex in Cambodia, but I did get to see a lot more of the city than I would have if I hopped into a taxi and got right to where I wanted to go.



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