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So make up postings… I seem to have been stuck in Luang Prabang for a few months now. But I have actually been home! I am currently sitting in the Portland airport (good ol' PWM) in a snow storm waiting for my 6 am flight to JFK. From JFK (after a fun 10 hour lay over) I will hop on a KLM flight to Addis Ababa to visit a friend for a week. Since I seem to still be in Southeast Asia, I thought it might be nice to try to catch up on my blog before I start my next adventure (or I guess since I left home last night at the beginning of my trip…)


So, from Luang Prabang, I flew down to Bangkok. I took the picture above on the flight out of Luang Prabang.

Bangkok… City of malls and true cosmopolitan city living.

While I enjoyed my time in Bangkok, especially seeing friends, there was a major disconnect between Luang Prabang and BKK. Thankfully, my hostel was well outside of the backpacker area of town and was very convent to public transportation.

I visited with a student who had attended Gould with the Thai Royal Scholars program a few years ago, was one of my dancers, and now is studying geology at the Colorado School of Mines. I also got to spend a few hours with a friend who I studied Chinese with at Middlebury. I spent a lot of time hanging out, walking around, and relaxing.

A few pictures of BKK:











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