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Luang Prabang

Something about this city is mystical. It is a recharge to the batteries. The city exudes spirituality, and even as a non-Buddhist, there is something holy about the space. Or at least the old part of the city. Situated on a peninsula at the intersection of the Mekong and a large tributary (Nam Kan). It was once the capital of the Kingdom of Laos and was an important center in colonial Laos (actually it was the capital of a puppet state… but details details). Some of the newer parts of the city don't have the mix of colonial (French) architecture and royal Lao patronage.

I spent a few days wandering through various wats around the peninsula. There is also a lot of natural beauty there. I was too lazy to get my act together to get outside of the city, so I guess I just have an excuse to go back.


Dawn over the mountains on the ride into Luang Prabang.

A Lao style temple… Pretty sure this is Luang Prabang, but it cold be in Vientiane.

This type of mural/stenciling is very common in temples in LP.








I went to see a performance of part of the Ramayana by the Royal Ballet. Hanuman, the Monkey King, is above.

Laap, chopped meat with spices, is one of he national dishes of Laos. Sticky rice and BeerLao round out a meal nicely.



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