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Angkor Statues and Bas Reliefs

Lots more pictures in the rest

Devis, angel like dancing figures if I understand correctly…









Decending into Hell…

A phallus















These next two pictures are from a temple/monastery build by a Buddhist king for his mother. In the main area for worship, one side was Buddhist and the other side was Hindu. This was one of the most obvious sites of the iconoclast movements. One of the next kings after the one who built this temple (I know that is particularly specific but I think the builder was Jayavarman VII…) swung the empire back to Hinduism and much of Jayavarman VII's legacy was destroyed. In this temple, the Hindu side was left alone…

While the Buddhist side was defaced…

And finally one of my favorite pictures that I took at the Angkor temple complex… At the first temple I visited:



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