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Now where Guilin in a small city, Yangshuo is a small town of 300,000, and the older part of the town actually does have a bit of the charm of a small town (with thousands of tourists crammed into it.) I stayed in the village of Stone Bridge, just up the street of Yangshuo. I actually think it was the first place I have been in China with a population smaller than that of Bethel.

The view from the top balcony in my hostel.

Yangshuo is quite close to Guilin, only about 2 hours by bus. You can also take a boat down the li River… which I should have done. Yangshuo is know for having a similar topography to Guilin (if not more spectacular) and being more of a backpacker town. It is laid back and there a supposedly lots of beautiful bike rides in the area surrounding the town. Unfortunately, it was raining while I was there, and bikes can be enough of a challenge, so I really didn't feel like tempting fate by adding rain to the Colin+biking equation.

I did take a boat ride with a nice couple from somewhere in Guangxi province, didn't quite catch where. They had some fairly strongly accented Mandarin.

Since Yangshuo is all about the scenery, the rest of this post will be pictures with a few comments. See them after the jump




Swimming in the Li River… Something I may not chose to do….

My boat companions.


Pijiu Yu, Beer Fish, one of the speciality of Yangshuo cooking. It also reminded me why I almost never order fish in China… Those beasties are freaking bony!




Me in my “safety” lifejacket that I think would have done more to strangle me than save me if I were to fall in.




Cabbage in the foreground, and snail shells stuffed with snail, pork and mint meatballs, in the back. The snail shell dish was really good, maybe I figure how to make it for my next advisee function… Mostly just to see the faces… “snails, um…. WHAT?!?!?!?!”

I am not sure if this is a better, worse, or just stronger fashion statement then the plastic hair bonnets that old ladies in America wear. Yes, she is wearing an umbrella (ella, ella) hat.



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