my travels around the world


My days in Guangzhou were about walking. I walked a lot. I got off the subway somewhat randomly at Chigang pagoda and walked for the majority of my first day and my second day was much the same. I visited the Chen Family Academy which has lots of national and provincial recognized tourist destination signs.


I have a thing for socialist realist art. Don’t quite know why since most of my other art likes tend towards abstraction, but I really do love me some socialist realism.


A mural on a school wall near my hostel in the older part of the city. I have never scene socialist realist has relief before…


The Chen Family Academy (more like an ancestral residence… They weren’t teachers, this is just where their family was based) roof. This type of roof decoration was common in the southern areas of China during the dynastic period.


I wandered into a temple… Forgot to take a picture of the sign so I have no clue what it was besides the fact that this section of the temple had the 500 arhats (Buddhists who have achieved enlightenment… A little like saints) so there my be a Buddhist element to the temple. I like this arhat pulling open his stomach to see the Buddha inside.



A pithy explanation of general Chinese attitudes towards drug use:

“One person uses drugs, a whole family is shamed”

These oysters looked really good… But I couldn’t bring myself to eat street oysters knowing I had to get on an overnight bus shortly thereafter.


A bit of seasonal confusion on Shamian Island, where the original trade concessions were set up. The whole island looks more like a European town than anything you would normal see in China.



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