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Seoul-sam (III)

Warning: this entry is going to be a bit light on words.

After a bit of a slow start Saturday morning, I was off to meet up with another ex-student, June (again ex by about three weeks.) After a nice lunch with his cousin and his fiancée, June and I hung out for the afternoon with his girlfriend. We went to a number of shopping spots and in many ways the afternoon revolved around food. Lunch, snack, snack, tea, snack. (I had to skip a few of the snacks, do I would have room for dinner.) after my time with June, I went to dinner with my advisee Jaewon and his family. I had spoken to his father on the phone a few times, but it was great to get to meet him in person. Jaewon’s little brother, Jaemin, was there. He barely said anything, but Jaewon assures me that he can’t get his brother to be quiet.

Today in my last day in Seoul. I am seeing more students and ex-students this afternoon. And then tomorrow off to China.

Pictures from yesterday:

Lunch… Raw beef bibimbap and beef bulgogi


South Korea is a very strongly Christian nation… It sends out the second highest number of missionaries after the United States. Interesting, prior to the Korean war, the North was actually where Christianity dominated, not the South.






Not so sure about the message in this one… Seems a bit harsh to me. (The first sentence is also a doozie of a stylitistic nightmare.)


Dinner with the Chung was Korean BBQ and it was very yummy. It was good to see Jaewon and I enjoying hanging out with my advisee for a while in his hometown.


2 responses

  1. What is that guy eating on the stick?

    2012/06/20 at 17:26

    • A potato wrapped around a hot dog and fried… A dog and fries all on the same stick.

      2012/06/25 at 06:29

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