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Seoul Part 일 (il)

So I arrived in Seoul a few days ago. I think I am mostly over my jet lag, but coming to Asia has never really been my issue… going home on the other hand, well let’s just say I am getting better at handling that half of the jet lag.

So in the past two days I have walked a lot. Just wandering around Seoul.

This is a cool mural that I ran into on a wander around the neighborhood of my hostel. I have seen lots of other interesting things and done some “Hey-I-wonder-what-that-over-there-is-,-let’s-go-see” exploring.

I also went to the National Museum of Korea yesterday. I learned a lot more about Korean history than I had every known. Some pretty crazy civilizations have formed on this peninsula. There was a lot of cool weaponry and other martial attire. There was also an interesting exhibit on the Confucian scholarly tradition during the Joseon dynasty.

An accurate (mostly) map of East Asia from a very long time ago (14th century if I am not mistaken). India is a bit misshapen… but Korea is pretty damn good for doing this all by foot and by boat.

A book about interpreting fate based upon birth.

At the museum I also stopped for a cup of tea and a moment to sit and rest.


It really was that color, and it darken into a lovely purple.

I had to pick this tea because of the description. All of the other teas were described in a manner such as “a warming tea great for digestion” or “sweet and tangy, a cup full of gingery fascination.” But I really felt that I need to understand what I feel because it may help me to express my feelings… or something like that. But it was good tea. Perilla is that leaf you sometimes get with sushi, shiso, sometimes called a sesame leaf although not related to sesame plants, but rather mint and basil. (I love wikipedia for random information!)

Random picture on the Seoul subway that I kind of liked.

I went to dinner with two ex-students. It was a lot of fun to see them and they took me to market where we had fried Korean pancakes and a Korean variation on Beef tartar.

Eugene and his favorite beef “sashimi”

After dinner we went for a walk around the area of the market, Jongro Street area where one of the major palaces in Seoul is located. We walked along a stream that runs through downtown Seoul and was re”discovered” and excavated a few years ago. There is now a lovely little park along the sides of the stream where a lot of people were out for evening constitutionals and dabbling their feet in the water. We did both. We also walked near to the Blue House (Korea’s White House.) I took a bunch of pictures and Eugene insisted that he take a few pictures of me with my camera. The rest of the pictures are submitted with no comment.

Headed off to the National Museum of Contemporary Art this afternoon.


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  1. I’m planning to go to Seoul next year! These shots are making me excited!

    2012/06/14 at 23:19

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