my travels around the world

Here we go…

I am headed off for Seoul today after a wonderful weekend of joyfully visiting friends from far away. I’ll write a post about my last day in DC on the plane and post when I get to my hostel in Seoul.
Don’t worry mom, I’ll flap hard.

Sitting on the plane to Seoul. Just got asked if I would mind trading a middle seat for an aisle so two friends could sit together… Umm no. Only 13 hours and 15 minutes until touch down in Incheon. Then figuring out how to get to Big Choi’s guesthouse.


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  1. Arla

    Dearest Colin- when we talked during Four Point at Gould, I asked if you were going to share your trip on line. You said you hoped to, but didn’t sound sure. Well, so far you are doing a GREAT job and I’m loving reading about this adventure, especially through YOUR eyes. Thank you so
    much and I hope you can keep it up — if it doesn’t get in the way of “being there” it is a great joy for us at home. (if I were your mother, it would also be very comforting.) :^) Sending lots of love. Happy Trails to you. xoxox Arla

    2012/06/11 at 08:39

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