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So today, I went to my first Pride parade ever. It is hard to believe after being out for more than 11 years I have never made it to a Pride event, but timing and locational issues always seemed to prevent it. I have been to (and thrown and MCed [not a pretty sight]) drag balls and other such events, but never to a Pride parade. So today not only did I go to Pride I marched with Planned Parenthood handing out condoms and promoting safe sex… and yes at one point we did do a “When I say safe, you say Sex. Safe… SEX… Safe… SEX!” cheer at one point.

The Planned Parenthood contingent in pink at the beginning of the parade route.
My friends Sam and Tarama who I marched with. They are the Fabuolus ladies who dragged me to this event.
I am not sure who this group was representing but they were FABULOUS.
See… even statues can have feelings.

The peacock headdress was amazing. She was stunning and FABULOUS (the only word that can be used to describe certain things at a Gay Pride parade.)

Tara was very excited to have her picture taken with these three fine statues… you can tell by the look on her face!

It was a Fabulous day. I had a great time at my first Pride parade and the crowd were very supportive of Planned Parenthood’s message of safe sex (and they loved the giant condom that we carried with us too!)

Today I was proud of “my people.” In all shapes and sizes, in a rainbow of gender expressions and body glitter, the message was about love. Who you love doesn’t matter. But mostly it was about loving yourself and being happy and proud to be you. Everywhere you looked there was queerness but no one was looking askance at how people were presenting themselves. There were straight couple with their young children, churches giving out lemonade to the marchers, and people of all generations together for the day to share in a Fabulous moment of being proud of who you are and the rainbow of things that make you different from everybody else.

To quote the ever Fabulous RuPaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”



One response

  1. Bill and Jime

    You are so right, Colin! I had tears in my eyes reading this!
    We love you!

    2012/06/11 at 08:55

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