my travels around the world

DC Day one

It was a great day in DC today. Weather was sunny and beautiful, perhaps a bit on the warm side for a northern boy like me… but I better get used to it. It is going to be HOT where I am headed. I did some walking around, saw the monuments and went to a few museums.

I went to see the exhibits at the Freer and the Sackler of Asian art at the Smithsonian galleries. Saw some interesting Japanese prints and paintings of Buddhist Arhats (or Rakan in Japanese). While I love going to museums, I always feel slightly awkward about looking at statues and friezes that were stolen from temples across the world by European imperialists. People who thought that by virtue of their skin color, education, and religion they had the right to take whatever they wanted. They thought they were helping. (interesting fact: the Freer is the oldest art museum in the Smithsonian.)

After the Freer and Sacklers, I walked across the mall and went to the Natural History Museum.

It is Girl Scout convention weekend in DC. Lots of groups of young girls in matching t-shirts. It was also a special program at the Natural History Museum about the ocean. There were lots of cool red whale hats (you can kind of make one out by the elephant’s tusk.) Unfortunately I made it the the Ocean room after they had stopped giving out the hats.


(This is one dinosaur that won’t fit in my backpack… sorry Bai Laoshi)

After the museum, I met up with Tara and a few other friends at a sculpture garden to listen to a free jazz concert and have a picnic. It was a bit crowded…

Ok, so it was really crowded. We met up with Tara’s brother, Mike, and Rosa and had a nice light dessert at a tea restaurant. After dessert we headed home, and watched a movie. Tomorrow, Tara and I are going to pride. Although I have been out for 11 years, I have never been to a pride parade/event. It should be an interesting day to say the least.


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