my travels around the world

More in the world of packing…

(and testing to see how well I can get pictures off of my camera, on to my iPad, and into a blog post.)

This is the pile of what I am taking:

It is a bit more than I had hoped for, but I don’t think there it too much that I could cut out. A few more small things to pick up as I head out tomorrow.

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I am leaving. I am not sure it really will until I am on the ground in Seoul. Or maybe actually Guangzhou, when I truly set out on my own. My brian  brain has been partially stuck on wrapping up this year and partially preparing for next year that the here and (almost) now isn’t really part of my existence. I know that I should try to live in the moment but keeping my brain from planning, critiquing, and retooling. I have been thinking about how I am going to have to change my normal patterns now that I will be teaching Chinese I rather than an Introduction to Chinese. How is the planning for a multi-year program different than a senior course for students who have finished their requirement for language in French, Spanish, or English (for non-native speakers)? I think I want to spend sometime this summer thinking about how things run in my dorm and how I work with the student leaders in my residence. I also am going to restructure at least part of my Holocaust course.

But with all that thinking about next year, I also need to let go of all that and be where I am.

Ah well… I guess that can be one of my goals for the trip.


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  1. Larrybobjoe

    your brian or “brain”?

    2012/06/05 at 21:27

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