my travels around the world

Starting to Pack

Spent a bunch of money at L.L. Bean supporting the Maine economy and getting stuff ready for my trip. Stuff sacks and t-shirts, a new light-weight rain coat and a new light fleece (actually from PataGucci). I also got a new a new pair of shoes. I think I have pretty much everything I need (except for my Malaria meds which I need to remember to pick up tomorrow.) Right now one of my parent’s couches is covered in the beginning pull together. I’ll try to get a picture of the stuff before I shove it all in my pack.

It is going to be a light bag that I head out with… probably come back with a somewhat fuller pack in August.

Still waiting for my Brenthaven bag to help protect my iPad. A pair of pants are in the mail too.

I can’t believe that I head out in less than a week (actually I need to be packed in about 3 days… hm, potentially problematic) and, in about 8 days, I will be in Seoul. But I am also really excited about my three days in DC. Time to see some dear friends who I see far too infrequently.

The writing I mentioned in my last post is on a computer that is currently playing dead. (I am hope it is actually only almost dead, not really, really dead.) But I did find a hand written version while I was clean my apartment (yes, I was actually cleaning.) I may bring it along and (re)type it up on one of my many plane rides.


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