my travels around the world


So as you know, since you are reading this blog, I am traveling to a whole bunch of places this summer…

Washington DC, Seoul, Guangzhou, (Shenzhen?), Guangxi, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Rwanda, Istanbul.

So my question to anyone and everyone out there:

Is there anything I should see? Do? Any places that I should avoid? Overhyped? Anyone in any of these place who I should see or would like to see me?

I would like to get any and all information and you are able to share with me.



2 responses

  1. Janet Prince

    My sister in law (Peter’s brother’s wife) and her three-year-old daughter are in Chongqing for the summer (she’s from there; they live in San Francisco when stateside). If you’ll be anywhere near there, I know she would welcome you into their family!

    2012/06/04 at 09:18

  2. meng zhu li

    Luang Prabang, Laos!! i’ll write more about it to you offline. SO, excited for you Col. and thank you for starting this blog-y thing-y and keeping us in the loop-y 🙂 love you – Hoo

    2012/06/04 at 09:44

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